Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Yeti

I finally finished sewing up this darling "Baby Yeti" sweater, and I hope that the intended baby hasn't already outgrown it!

SPOILER ALERT for my cousin, Amy: I am about to pack this up and ship it to the U.K. for little Aidan, who was born in April. I knitted the sweater in a 9-month size, and it seems to be on the bigger side of that--so hopefully he will get some wear out of it this fall/winter. Here's Aidan:

Yes, it's fluffy. Check out the close up pic of the shag pile. (Don't take that the wrong way, you Brits--I mean "shag" like the carpet.) And yes, it has a hood. Yum!

I may just have to get some more of this yarn (Sprinkles baby yarn, ironically from the U.K.) and knit one up for Ms. Macy--the pattern was a breeze and the yarn is really fun to knit with.

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