Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wicked Callous

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Finally, we got a decent close-up shot of one of the wicked callouses on Arlo's beloved suckin' fingers. He has been sucking on these fingers since he was old enough to hold them in his mouth (4 months?), and they are as much a comfort as (and completely in cahoots with) Clean Turtle when it's time for a nap, or when he needs a little down time.

They'll go away when he outgrows the finger-sucking habit--and, in fact, they've probably already faded a bit as the habit has waned in recent months. But this is something I want to always remember about my little Arlo--something I want to stop and appreciate before I wake up one day and find out that he's all grown up, with callouses on his hands from yard work and such.


Cindy said...

I use to suck on two of my fingers...and my middle finger still has a little curve from :) Which has been helpful--I show the kids my finger and say, stop or your finger will look like mommies!

mark said...

Cindy can proudly say she's been giving her kids the finger for years!

If someone took breast feeding away from me, I suppose I might be in withdrawal for a while, too.