Friday, December 21, 2007

Hot Political Issues

I just have to say that even if I didn't want to vote for John Edwards for President, I would definitely vote for him as Presidential Candidate Most Likely to Turn Me On.

I suppose this confession tips my hand and gives away which candidate I was referring to at the end of this post from a couple of weeks back, and shows that I totally agree with writermom's comment on said post.

The current edition of Newsweek (Ted's subscription) arrived a few days ago, and I was reluctant to hand it over--though Ted always reserves "first-read" rights on the Newsweeks that come to our house. I definitely claimed "first-drool" priveleges on this one, and I requested that he return it to me when he's done with it.

So I can put it under my pillow and sleep with John every night.
Oh, and Johnny? You are *so* laminated.

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