Friday, September 04, 2009

What do you think?

Downtown today, I saw a family crossing the street in front of me, the dad leading a towheaded 3-year-old girl by the hand. I heard a horn honking, and saw a car coming toward them. The car slowed down and yelled something out the window at the family, and they yelled back, incensed that this jerk had nearly run them over.

The thing is, this family had crossed the street on a solidly red light. The car completely had the right of way, and that family seemd to have completely ignored the light.

On the one hand, I thought the guy in the car may have been a little over the top to yell and honk... but he had a point. I thought it was irresponsible to go leading a small child out into traffic. In fact, when we have the kids with us, we have a habit of waiting for the "walk" light to cross, even when there's no cross traffic in sight.

Whose side would you take in the argument?


Lori R. said...

I agree, kind of irresponsible for the guy and child to cross. Of course, there is an example, of teaching a child the wrong message. And we wonder why our kids are so messed up today.... But since we don't know the circumstance, the guy in the car needed to be more patient without words. Because we all make mistakes, hopefully it's not a mistake that could get us killed!And of course, it's the innocent child that just is following that is at risk!!!

map said...

Welcome to Iowa City. I like the arseholes (yes, arseholes) who cross, say, Market St. at Linn at 7:50 a.m. -- right in front of the oncoming rush hour traffic -- simply because they know they have the right of way in the crosswalk. Come on, d-bags. Pedestrians need to exercise some common sense (holding my breath I am not).