Thursday, August 13, 2009

Leftovers never had it so good.

Night before last, we dined on B.S.T. (bacon, sprouts, tomato) sandwiches, just like they used to have on the Deli menu at New Pioneer Co-op. The other wonderful twist besides substituting sunflower sprouts for the lettuce? A slice of feta cheese on top to up the flavor ante.

Might I suggest--if you should ever try this clever and delicious take on the humble (but wonderful) B.L.T., go ahead and fry up a whole pound of bacon, because you're gonna want to try this salad for your desktop lunch later in the week:
I chopped up a couple of slices of the leftover cooked bacon, crumbled some of the leftover feta, and chopped a few leftover tomato slices, then tossed all of these and a handful (okay, two hands full) of leftover sunflower sprouts on top of a bed of baby romaine lettuce, and drizzled with Annie's Goddess dressing, and voila!
Lunch is served.

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