Saturday, June 27, 2009

For my daughter

Twinkle, twinkle, skinny thighs,
How I marvel at your size!
You are small, sweet, and tiny.
Oh, how I love your little hiney!


Lori R. said...

Too cute!!! Don't ya just love those little bottoms.... my kids at that small age wouldn't keep their clothes on for nothing and would run so fast and those little cheeks, ya just wanted to pinch 'em. Gently of course.... thanks for sharing...

Mara said...

and the companion poem (for my Nora, of course) :

twinkle, twinkle, chunky thighs
How I marvel at your size!
You are so large, round, and soft,
Oh, how I love your voluptuousness!

accompanying visual aid:

Tricia said...

what a nice tribute. She does have some adorably skinny little legs!