Thursday, February 05, 2009

Time Machine

Did Ted finally perfect the time machine he's been tinkering with in our basement, and send Arlo back to 1972 for a nap on his mom's couch?

Nope. That's the daddy, back when he was about Arlo's age.

Kind of takes my breath away, and makes me wonder: "Did I actually have any genetic role whatsoever in the forming of this child?"


Gramma said...

Dramatic Hollywood/TV theme songs are playing in my head...Was Doctor WHO involved in this caper? Or is the The Twilight Zone? I think I'll go for something less eerie and more wonderful. The "A Team" theme works!
Hannibal says, "I love it when a plan comes together!" and to that- Gramma says "Amen"

writermom said...

big wow!

not supergirl said...

Oh my. That is a STRONG resemblance. Cloning's not really allowed yet, is it?

nicheplayer said...

Tassels FTW.