Thursday, December 11, 2008

Never Too Late to Say Thank You

I have been meaning to send a shout-out (and post photos) from our really wonderful weekend last week, and even though the NEXT weekend is nearly upon us (yay!) I figure it's never too late to say thank you--to our friends for their cherished company and friendship--and to post a recap, with photos:
Friday night: met up with Dave & Jen and the gals for some Mexican food and a quick visit with Santa. Macy and Nora shared the big guy's lap. Arlo wasn't going anywhere NEAR that weirdo.
Friday night (Part II): Arlo got his kicks by jumping on Ye Olde Marriage Bed.
Saturday night: We had Erika, Sara, Gabe, Olivia, and O's friend Taylor over for dinner and play time. (This is Tay, Mae, and Liv. Oh, and Mae's trusty bag of Honeycomb cereal, to which she was quite attached for a good hour.)

Saturday night, cont'd: A to the R to the L to the O, and Gabe-Fed, kickin' it with the Kashi cookies.

Sunday morning: Skipped church. Piers and Adsila brought their parents over for breakfast and playtime, and Sandie and I had a brief kid-free Christmas-shopping outing. Arlo loaned Piers a muscle shirt and a baseball cap to up the cool ante, and they kicked it some more.

Awesome weekend. Great company. Now let the Christmas crazies commence!

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