Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Macy Walks

Macy took her first steps, unassisted, this weekend--after a lot of practice aided by her walk-behind Pooh. Here's a little video demonstrating her mad (Pooh-assisted) skillz.

The cinematographer (oh yeah, that's me) would also like to apologize to Arlo for being a little testy and impatient with his attempts to get into the shot. Watching it now, several days after the fact, I can see that he was just in need of some attention. My irritation probably came from a dusty old place deep within the subconscious of a second child whose older sister was always hamming it up in the foreground. I'm just sayin.'


mark said...

So, did she take her first earlier than Arlo?

writermom said...

Go, Macy, go!!!!!!

Scooteur said...

Arrrrrrrlo walked at 10 months!