Monday, July 09, 2007

Notes from the Underbelly

We all know that a pregnant woman's protruding belly makes it difficult task for her to keep her shirts and dresses free of food stains. Not only does it stick out and grab hold of any falling morsels that would normally fall to the floor, her lap, or the table... it makes it impossible to actually get close enough to her food if she's sitting at a table. The whole notion of "bellying up" to a table is a whole new prospect when you're great with child.

I just want to say that the top of the belly is not the only danger zone. You also have to remember to check the underbelly for debris and stains. Twice today I have discovered junk on my shirt (a white one, of course) on the underside of my belly---and this is troublesome, because in general, other people can see this area of my shirt when I'm walking around but I can't!

I think the last incident--coffee grounds across the lower abdominal region--must've come from when I was washing my hands in our coffee/supply room and my tummy might have grazed across the counter top. Earlier today it was also a coffee spot. Methinks I should be mindful of my belly position when in the coffee area!

Not only that, but I think I might be wise to avoid white shirts from here on out. We'll see.

Oh, and if you see me walking around with some food or other junk hanging off the bottom of my shirt--where it is likely to be hidden from my view--please just tell me. I'd like to try to maintain some semblance of presentability, in spite of my burgeoning shape. Thanks!


Cindy said...

You hit it on the nose..or belly. I run into trouble at any sink, leaning in, I always leave some sort of wet streak across the underbelly...annoying!

Scooteur said...

At home, I also have a tendency to knock things over with my belly. Reaching up into the cupboard for a dish, I will often knock over a glass on the counter with the darn thing.

heetmyser said...

Tee hee. You pregnant ladies is so funny.